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26 Sep 2014

Why you should consider solar panels on your holiday home

Now that you’ve considered the financial steps to take if you want to emigrate, you can start to think about how you’ll take advantage of your new home’s location. Your holiday home is likely prime real estate for taking advantage of the sun as an energy source. Here are three reasons to consider solar panelling on your house abroad.

You Can Help Save the Planet

The big one. Global warming threatens the survival of our planet and everything that inhabits it. In fact, 97% of climate scientists agree on global warming. There are many ways each of us can reduce our carbon footprint, such as changing our driving habits or recycling waste and unwanted products. Installing solar panelling, though, is arguably one of the easiest ways you can make an impact. After installation, solar panels generally require minimal maintenance. A few times a year you should inspect the panels for any build-up of dirt. However, if you are unable to do this yourself, professional cleaners are often available.

It Can Save You Money

Not only is investing in solar panelling one of the easier ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, it could also save you money over the long haul. You’ll be paid a minimum amount for all the power generated by your system known as the feed-in tariff. The specific amount you can expect to make back from solar panelling is largely determined by the feed-in tariff rate of your country. This will be in co-operation with the money you’ll save from the reduced electricity bill from your usual supplier.

Countries in Europe Are Becoming Top Contributors

Renewable energy is becoming more and more prominent on mainland Europe and choosing to install solar panels is a great way to take advantage of your new country’s initiative. The warmer climate makes it ideal for solar panelling and, as of 2012, six of the top ten biggest producers of solar energy were from Europe, including Germany, Italy, Spain, and France. However, if you aren't deciding to buy a property in Europe, Australia and the USA were also some of largest producers of solar power.

Because of great leaps in solar technology over the last few years, solar panelling is becoming both more affordable and more easily accessible in many parts of the world. Not only will it provide you with a consistent source of income after your initial investment, it will most importantly help protect the planet for future generations. If you’re interested in solar panelling, take a look here for more information.
Category: Medhead News

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