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26 Sep 2014

How your garden could help you get the best price for your home

With house prices on the up, protecting the value of your home has become increasingly important. Typically, property-owners in the UK looked to increase the value of their assets by investing in big projects like altering the layout of their homes or adding a conservatory. Now, though, many sellers are also focusing on the outside by landscaping their gardens.

Gardens are becoming increasingly coveted features of homes now. In a survey published by The Telegraph last year, two-fifths of Britons said they wouldn't even consider buying a home if it didn't have a big enough garden and one in seven said the garden has added to the value of their property. Many potential property buyers are couples looking to start a family and a garden is seen as a great place for their kids to play safely. It can also offer a place to relax after a stressful commute to the city for work. If your property has a garden that you aren’t doing anything with, you’re neglecting a factor that could help make your home stand out from the crowd.

A landscaping project for your garden doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive or time-consuming for you to see the results. Simply planting flowers or adding a pathway will improve the first impression potential buyers have when they see your home. A water feature, though, such as a rock fountain or pond, can be completed in just a couple of weekends and could become a great focal point to design your garden around. Take a look here for the kind of specialist equipment you’ll need, such as liners, pumps, and filters, to get your project started.

Whatever the size of your garden, some kind of water feature is possible. You always want to get the most value possible from your property so remember take advantage of the space outside your home as well as what’s on the inside. If you’re thinking about selling your property to finance a move abroad, take a look at our financial steps to take if you want emigrate.
Category: Medhead News

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