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13 Nov 2014

These are the 7 things that command the biggest increase in a property's sale price

Property experts suggest that there are two ways to increase the value of a property and command a larger sales price. One is low cost methods and the other uses more costly methods. Certainly, this depends primarily on the property owner's budget. However, any changes are better than none at all. Certainly, the improvements should directly increase the monetary value of the property.

Improve Kerb Appeal

Adding kerb appeal to a property should create a warm and inviting entrance. People searching for a new property look for certain things. They look for a property that has a powerful impact on their senses. An easy way to add instant kerb appeal is to clean the property, mow the lawns, add a few colourful plants. These small improvements may not add a huge amount of value to the property, but they address common objections that may put people off booking a viewing.


We’ve all seen the TV décor programs, wherein householders repaint and modernise their home. It works. This is an affordable and attainable way to add value that anyone can do. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to make enormous changes – you don’t.

Extra Rooms

Prospective buyers react very favourably to homes with extra bathrooms, bedrooms, a home gym, or entertainment room. Perhaps, there is an area in the home that can be transformed into an additional room. For example, an unused storage room or even a larger closet.

Update Appliances

Consider updating appliances and fixtures. Buyers are not going to pay a higher sales price for a property with outdated appliances and fixtures. Make note of the appliances and fixtures that are outdated. Update them before placing the property on the market.


Repave or update the driveway to the property. A buyer searching for a new property just might pay a higher price for a property with a well-maintained and paved driveway. If you are cost conscious, go for tarmac. If you want to add a little more interest, a green alternative may be what you are looking for.


Kerb appeal is extremely important. Prospective buyers generally love the idea of a beautiful outdoor garden. Remember, there are hundreds of homes up for sale at any one time. So if your gardens aren’t up to scratch, now may be the time to hire an excavator from a company like Lagan Plant and begin landscaping. Unsure if it’s worth the effort? In an interview with The Telegraph, Peter Rollings of London estate agents Marsh and Parsons said “a garden that has been landscaped can add value and a wow factor to a house. However, maintenance can be an issue and a town garden that contains grass will need a mower and a shed in which to lock it. A low-maintenance patio may be just as desirable." (Emphasis mine.)

Avoid Worthless Blunders

Some property owner's assume that adding a swimming pool or outside jacuzzi to a home would increase the selling price of their property. Certainly, this is a luxury, but it might make the property difficult to sell or lower the property's sale price. The problem is that pools, for instance, are expensive items that are hard to maintain – a cost that most buyers simply do not want.
Category: Medhead tips

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