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  • 18 Jul 2018

    Questions to ask before buying an overseas property

    Many people dream of buying property overseas and having their own little getaway in a favorite foreign country. However, buying property overseas is not as simple as just being able to afford that villa or city apartment or beachfront hideaway you have your eye on. Owning an overseas property can b... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 30 Mar 2017

    Why Student Property stayed on top in 2016

    New report confirms that UK Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) continues to deliver

    The headlines according to CBRE

    - Investment in PBSA £2.7bn 2016 to date, c£3bn forecast. This is already more than 2014’s £2.4bn, while 2015’s enormous £5.6bn was due to exceptional institutional trading
    - 21%

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 30 Oct 2014

    Men vs Women: When House-Hunting - An Infographic

    Men vs Women: When House-Hunting - An infographic by the team at Little House Company: Internet Estate Agent

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 26 Sep 2014

    How your garden could help you get the best price for your home

    With house prices on the up, protecting the value of your home has become increasingly important. Typically, property-owners in the UK looked to increase the value of their assets by investing in big projects like altering the layout of their homes or adding a conservatory. Now, though, many sellers... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 26 Sep 2014

    Why you should consider solar panels on your holiday home

    Now that you’ve considered the financial steps to take if you want to emigrate, you can start to think about how you’ll take advantage of your new home’s location. Your holiday home is likely prime real estate for taking advantage of the sun as an energy source. Here are three reasons to consider so... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 05 Sep 2014

    Three financial steps to take if you want to emigrate

    Emigrating is a dream that many of us have, and now that the economy is well over half way to being fully recovered, it’s fair to say that many people are feeling like they have a little bit of extra money in their back pockets. With this being the case, there’s a growing trend for people looking to... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 08 Jun 2012

    Murcia golf resort launches as demand for property surges

    A new development in La Manga has launched this week, just as demand for property in Murcia surges.

    Las Lomas Village, with prices below 50 per cent of the market’s peak value, is a chance for investors to make the most of the high yields that come with having Murcia’s most-visited golf resort next d
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 17 May 2012

    Madonna of the trees

    In the middle of France's Poitou-Charentes region lies Mouterre-sur-Blourde, a quiet, rural hamlet with a mystery hiding in its woods: a Madonna with an unknown past.

    For over a century, she has sat between the trees, waiting within a secluded shrine for someone to find her.

    Where is she from?

    "We've h

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 09 Sep 2011

    Cape Verde climbs into overseas property top ten

    Photo credit: Ben Cadet

    Cape Verde has climbed into the top ten in the latest Top of the Props report from, bringing a fresh-faced rival to a league of hardened competitors.

    In August, Cape Verde attracted 2.94 per cent of all enquiries on the overseas property portal, making it the

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 02 Sep 2011

    FEIFA announces new overseas property services for members

    Property law

    Photo credit: Noyava

    FEIFA (the Federation of European IFAs) has announced a new partnership that will provide unique legal services for its members.

    The Federation, which represents more than 300 advisers operating in 25 European countries, has taken the initiative in offering members access to the g

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 26 Mar 2009

    Celebrities search for property on medhead managing Director Kim Jamilly, not a stranger to rubbing shoulders with the stars after co-owning Laurence Corner. Costumiers, styling for the rich and the famous planning there next  pop videos, Anne Lenox, Boy George, Mick Jagger, Dawn French and even the Beatles were to be seen slippi... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 25 Mar 2009

    Share of the market deal

    The recent “Share of the market deal” between 2 property portals will benefit all.

    Matching an extensive portfolio with a constant stream of enquiries.

    “There are still many investors interested in property in the Mediterranean but they may not all be British, given the credit crunch” say’s Kim Jamil

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 03 Mar 2009

    Is it all Doom and Gloom?

    This question was posed to Kim Jamilly the managing director of the Mediterranean property portal Kim says the majority of people selling in the med are reducing there prices and being realistic, luckily for us being a

    multilingual site we are receiving enquiries from overseas countries

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News
  • 10 Feb 2009

    Top tips for selling your property privately

    Once you have made the decision to sell your property there are two directions you can take.

    (1) You can instruct a local estate agent to value and market your property.

    They will have a knowledge of the current prices that are being reached in your area, other services they provide is being a key hol

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead News

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