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  • 05 Dec 2017

    5 things to look for in vacation property management

    Wherever your rental property is located, unless you live very close by, you’ll probably be handing over the day to day running of your holiday let to a management company.

    In this article, we look at 5 key areas where they should be able to improve your holiday property investment’s rental performa

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    Category: Medhead tips
  • 20 Jul 2015

    How online estate agents can help those moving abroad

    Buying property abroad can be a huge decision in itself, but if you are also planning to sell your property back home, then this can only add to the difficulty of the situation. While there are a number of ways to approach selling, one way to potentially alleviate some of the stress associated with ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 14 May 2015

    Three key areas to consider right now to add value to your home

    Whether you’re considering selling or just wanting to freshen up a new property, home or holiday condo, adding value to your walls isn’t as complex or expensive as it might sound. Here are three areas to consider.


    First off, plan ahead so you can allocate budget accordingly. To avoid any ru

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 17 Dec 2014

    Put that personal loan to work and improve your home

    Investing in your home is one of the single smartest things you can do. The improvements you make can be felt, seen and used because they're tangible. They even remain there for as long as you maintain your home.

    In fact, very few things can compare to the versatility or comfort that home improvement

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    Category: Medhead tips
  • 13 Nov 2014

    These are the 7 things that command the biggest increase in a property's sale price

    Property experts suggest that there are two ways to increase the value of a property and command a larger sales price. One is low cost methods and the other uses more costly methods. Certainly, this depends primarily on the property owner's budget. However, any changes are better than none at all. C... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 22 Sep 2014

    Investing in a holiday property: The pros and cons

    Property investment is just about everybody’s idea of a good investment. It is lucrative in terms of both income from rent and capital appreciation.

    What most people do is they look for a bargain in their home country on Gumtree, auction sites and property listing sites. Most look in their home town... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 25 Oct 2013

    House price increases: Protecting the value of your home

    The last few months have seen the UK emerge from the worst of the financial downturn. Although there is a long way to go until things return to the way they were, it would seem that sentiment is improving among both businesses and consumers - and the country's financial situation is slowly starting ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 23 Nov 2011

    Should I Buy a Second Property?

    It might sound like a risky investment, but if you are currently a homeowner, buying a second property can be a great way of investing in the future. If you’re able to secure a mortgage on a second property you can let it as a private landlord, cover your mortgage repayments with your tenants rent ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 18 Nov 2011

    Landlords Insurance: choosing the right cover for you

    If you are a new buy to let property owner, you may have heard of landlords insurance, or buy-to-let insurance as it is sometimes known. It is a form of cover that is geared towards protecting the landlord against all eventualities. It is more purpose specific than a general insurance policy, and th... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 09 Nov 2011

    Top Places in Europe to Purchase Property

    Many of us imagine purchasing a dwelling overseas, a refuge where we can get away to somewhere warm and tranquil. However, in recent years, both the UK and European markets have taken quite the beating.

    Fortunately, if you’re thinking about purchasing a residence out of the country, the forecast isn’... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 02 Nov 2011

    Does Moving Abroad Work Out Cheaper In The Long Run?

    A life in the sun is something which many of us dream about, leading to a number of us moving abroad. Property prices and associated costs will differ between countries and moving within your native country may seem cheaper based on initial costs. But, does moving abroad work out cheaper in the long... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 31 Aug 2011

    The legal side of buying property in Cyprus

    Cyprus has traditionally attracted tourism from the U.K. The main reasons being obviously the sun, the sea and the familiarity felt by people from the U.K: as Cyprus was a British colony until 1960, English is spoken widely and even cars are driven on the right (i.e. the left) side of the road.

    Once ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 30 Mar 2009

    Medhead's top tips for generating leads

    Every picture tells a story – what does yours say?

    Medhead’s Sales Director has given his top 5 tips for success in a property portal.

    Here’s how to stand out from the crowd!

    1.    Have a fantastic first photo.

    I have seen so many lovely properties that set their main promotional photo to be a sofa or a

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 12 Mar 2009

    Where do the locals go on holiday - Portugal

    A starting point of the major pioneers who discovered the new world. Lisbon has many museums dedicated to sea travel. Medhead investigates what hidden treasures of Portugal.

    Chapel in Evora - made of the bones of 5,000 monks

    Porto, the home of Port makes for an incredibly interesting stay. The pilgrim

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 12 Mar 2009

    Where the locals go on holiday - Cyprus

    Map of Cyprus

    This stunning island is a haven for many expats and holiday makers but the one place that attracts everyone indiscriminately is Polis – A true gem in the Mediterranean.

    When you ask anyone about Polis the reply is always – ‘ Beautiful, famous for fish meze, fabulous taverns and great val

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 12 Mar 2009

    Where the locals go on holiday - Spain

    Spain is a large country split up into 17 regions

    Map of Spain provided by

    • Galicia

    • Asturias

    • Cantabria

    • Basque country

    • Navarre

    • Castille and Leon

    • La Rioja

    • Aragon

    • Catalonia

    • Madrid

    • Extremadura

    • Castilla la Mancha

    • Valencian community

    • Ballearic Islands

    • Andalucia

    • Murcia

    • Canary Islands

    Each o

  • ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 12 Mar 2009

    Where the locals go on holiday

    Now is the time when you are probably considering where to go on holiday.

    This may be your only opportunity of the year to get away from it all whether it be in your country of origin or to a foreign destination.

    Ever wondered where the locals go on holiday?
    what do they know that we don’t? find out no

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 11 Mar 2009

    Increase the value of your home

    In a depressed market, actually in any market we all want to increase the value of our homes. How can we do that?

    You can’t change the physical location of your home but you can improve on what you have already.

    I know you have heard a million time about staging your home but honestly, a few subtle ch

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips
  • 11 Mar 2009

    Increase your holiday let enquiries

    We are all feeling the pinch this year, and many are opting for a short break in their home country. This does not help you trying to rent out your holiday home.

    What can you do to help?

    Take a walk around your property with a fresh pair of eyes, does the place look a little lived in and dated?


    ... [Read more]
    Category: Medhead tips

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